Taking Care of Our Educators

Emily will continue to fight to secure living wages for educators and work with city and community leaders to find creative solutions to the housing affordability crisis facing teachers in San Francisco.

Closing the Opportunity Gap

As President of the Board of Education in 2015, Emily co-authored the African American Achievement & Leadership Initiative board resolution.  She will continue to move forward new policies to ensure all students have the opportunities and individualized resources they need to succeed.

Advancing Innovative Curriculum

Emily believes that our students deserve a 21st century education. She will ensure students are given increased exposure to world languages and expanded access to STEM education from pre-K through high school.

Vision 2025

Emily’s strong voice during Vision 2025 planning meetings resulted in a clear commitment to multilingualism and world languages.  She secured $2 million in funding from the Public Education Enrichment Fund to bring new resources to world languages curriculum and instruction.