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For Our Neighborhoods

As an experienced public administrator, Emily is committed to amplifying neighborhood voices in District 7, connecting people to services that will improve their health and well-being, ensuring the safety and security of those in the District, and accelerating economic growth by helping people get back to work.

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Strengthen Thriving Neighborhoods

There are over 40 distinct neighborhoods in District 7, and Emily is dedicated to strengthening thriving neighborhoods. She will invest heavily in neighborhood associations as they increase our ability to care for and connect with each other, especially seniors. She also believes expanding the City's existing Empowered Communities Network is an essential step to better support our neighborhoods.

Emily also plans to build community resilience and capacity to face the second wave of COVID-19 and future disasters. This past March, Emily established Resilient Lakeshore, a neighborhood response to COVID-19.


We need all neighborhoods to be prepared for a crisis. To confront this pandemic, I would promote convening community trainings on psychological first aid; neighbor-to-neighbor wellness checks; disaster preparedness, and pet safety.

Bolster Public Safety & Health

Residents deserve to feel safe in our neighborhoods. Emily is committed to bolstering public safety and health. For many years, Emily worked closely with Police Chief Bill Scott, his command staff, and several police captains on public safety issues, partnered with former Sheriff Vicky Hennessy on victim outreach strategies, and joined former Juvenile Probation Chief Allen Nance on helping trauma-impacted youth. As a public health crisis erupts on our streets, Emily will fight for long-term, sustainable solutions.

Currently, San Francisco has the highest property crime rate in California. District 7 has experienced an uptick in burglary at all three police districts as well as across the City--jumping 28%--from 2,672 to 2,985 incidents in May of this year. Also, there has been an alarming rise in home invasion attempts in D7 recently. Emily has existing relationships with law enforcement officials that can be leveraged to develop neighborhood-based solutions.

Another concern which Emily will confront is our housing crisis. She will develop long-term solutions that will keep people in tents off our streets and into permanent homes. This is especially important as the unsheltered population in the District has doubled from 2017 to 2019. There are important opportunities for additional affordable housing units at the Balboa Reservoir, Parkmerced, and Stonestown. Emily will ensure community input into these projects.


We need a FEMA-type response to homelessness, and I will pursue federal funding opportunities if elected. I do not support decentralizing resources across the city for temporary solutions to our housing crisis. I am committed to exploring permanent housing options that provide unhoused individuals with, not a tent or temporary shelter, but a home with a door and a key.

Accelerate Economic Growth

Emily believes it is essential that we invest in local small businesses to accelerate economic growth and get people back to work. Similar to President Obama’s American Recovery & Reinvestment Act of 2009, we need a comprehensive San Francisco Recovery & Reinvestment Ordinance to stimulate new jobs.

Our recovery hinges on our ability to think creatively. Emily will explore new ways to do business such as subscription services for restaurants, nail and hair salons. She plans to partner with the Small Business Commission to expand small business week year-round. To reduce waste and inefficiency, she will encourage city purchasing to prioritize local businesses. Finally, Emily will work collaboratively with labor partners and other employee groups to identify cost-cutting and efficiency measures.


I am committed to PRESERVE, PROTECT, and IMPROVE neighborhoods and the quality of life we enjoy here in District 7 by maintaining the diverse character of our 40+ neighborhoods.