What They’re Saying About Emily

Emily is honored to be supported by so many elected and community leaders who know that she is the best candidate for D7 Supervisor because she is the most qualified and has the best ideas to improve the quality of life in D7.


Assemblymember Phil Ting


“Emily Murase is the right leader for these times. I respect her experience and ability to bring people together to solve complicated problems. I ask you to join me in supporting Emily for Supervisor.”



School Board Member Rachel Norton


“I served with Emily on the School Board. She is a true professional who has been tested over and over again. I believe she will provide effective leadership for District 7.”



Sheriff Paul Miyamoto


“Emily brings a neighborhood focus and offers real experience. I worked alongside her when she was a City Department Head and I have seen her in action. She will deliver for the residents on the Westside.”



Judge (ret.) and Former State Senator Quentin L. Kopp


“Dr. Emily Murase acts pursuant to logic and evidence.”



Key Elected and Appointed Leaders

State Treasurer Fiona Ma*

Assemblymember Phil Ting

BART Director Bevan Dufty**

Sheriff Paul Miyamoto

School Board Member Rachel Norton

City College Trustee Thea Selby*

Former SFUSD Superintendent Gwen Chan

Former Sheriff Vicki Hennessy*

Judge (ret.) and Former State Senator Quentin L. Kopp

Former Department of Emergency Management Director Anne Kronenberg 

Public Safety Advocate Suzy Loftus*

Founding President, United Educators of San Francisco Joan-Marie Shelley

Former Vice President, United Educators of San Francisco Linda Plack*

Women’s Commissioner Andrea Shorter***

Civil Service Commissioner Doug Chan***

Former Police Chief Greg Suhr

Former San Francisco Supervisor and former Police Commissioner Annemarie Conroy



Small Property Owners of San Francisco

Edwin M. Lee Asian Pacific Democratic Club*

Chinese American Democratic Club**

Planned Parenthood Northern California Action Fund

San Francisco Association of REALTORS (SFAR)*

Sing Tao Daily**

Westside Democratic Club*

San Francisco Municipal Executives Association

San Francisco Taxpayers Association

Families for San Francisco


*  No. 2 Endorsement

** No. 3 Endorsement

***Title for identification purposes only.


D7 Community Endorsers and Supporters

Balboa Terrace

David Wentker


Clarendon Heights

Satoe & Scott Haile


Dorado Terrace

George Ishikata


Forest Hill

Carol Izumi


Forest Hill Extension

Steve & Candace Fukuda

Lisa Fung

Benj Juracin


Golden Gate Heights

Lucretia Axtell

Ying Fung & Kenneth Lee

Harriet & Norman Ishimoto

Michiko Koga

Kayoko & Mike Miki

Rachel Miller-Garcia

Gwen Mui

Allen & Pat Okamoto

Nanayo & Bobby Silver

Faye Woo Lee

Quincy Yu



Raymond Lum


Ingleside Terrace

Tim Arata

Lisa Clay

Jeff Lee

Glynis Nakahara & Van Okamura

Rosina Tong & Victor Tam


Inner Sunset

Kaori & Cameron Chun


Knockash Hill

Dena Gardi


Lakeshore Acres

Phyllis Abad

Barbara Chionsini

Vivian & Jeff Eng

Kent Fong

Wyman Fong & Connie Toy

Joan Gallagher

Diana Jang

Mary Landers Irwin

Elizabeth & Bo Kim

James Stark

Steve, Patty, Michele Fukuda



Rebecca Ja


Merced Manor

Theresa Lee

Ko Takemoto

Jenny & Tony Tam


Midtown Terrace

Joshua Hart & Patricia Park-Li

Anthony Ismail

Satoko Watanabe

Jan & David Yonemoto


Miraloma Park

Alex Akamine

Elizabeth Gee-Ogawa

Laurie Higashi

Ken & Yoshiko Ho

Virginia Murillo

Gordon Park-Li

Richard Eijima & Tami Suzuki


Mount Davidson Manor

Phyllis Matsuno



Roger Eaton

Judy & Jim Lee

Amy Morgenstern


Saint Francis Wood

Carol Kocivar

Wallace Levin

Teresa Serata



Cheryl Addleman

Kristina DeNike & Roman Loyola

Judy & Mark Kahn

Arlene Kimata & Gary Kitahata


West Portal

Sakaye Higashi

Elizabeth Huey

Katherine & Rick Ragusa

Claire Williams

Lee Hsu


Westwood Highlands

Ken & Kathy Hoegger


Westwood Park

Caryl Ito

Linda & Frank Kurtz

Penny Nakatsu

Anita Theoharis


Will you endorse?