ABC Agenda


Emily is a graduate of San Francisco public schools. She and her husband Neal have two daughters, one at Lowell High School, the other at Presidio Middle School. She was elected to the school board in 2010, becoming the first Japanese American to ever serve on the 160+ year old policy body, and currently serves as Vice President.

Despite a crippling budget crisis over the past few years that reduced school revenues by as much as 25%, the school district has maintained its position as one of the top performing urban school districts in the state and a graduation rate that exceeds the state average. In her first term, she worked with her board colleagues to change the student assignment system to include a neighborhood preference for elementary schools and a middle school feeder pattern, both of which reduce lottery assignments. As chair of the Curriculum Committee, she introduced the issue of human trafficking to educators (San Francisco is on the FBI's Top 10 list of destinations for human trafficking). Importantly, the most recent financial audit of the school district was squeaky clean, with ZERO findings!

ABC Agenda 


A = Academic Achievement

Invest in the classroom, educators. Seek high impact strategies to address the opportunity gap

B = Bullying

Continue prevention and intervention, e.g., Internet Safety Day, including how to address cyberbullying , for all students.

C = College & Career Ready Graduates

Support UC and CSU eligible graduates, career academies, pathways. 


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